Professional Development

Professional Development

Learning about yourself is the first step towards working as a team

Learning about yourself is the first step to working as a team. The Conflict Analysis Battery targets both self-optimization and group-development, offering tailored support to spur creative thought, improved efficiency, and overall happiness for the individual and the collective. The Conflict Analysis Battery is based on an understanding of interpersonal behavior, recognizing that although all people seek to resolve conflict or confront challenges, we all do it in different ways.

We have found there are two primary distinctions in relational patterns based on degrees of power and affiliation. Some people tend to be more powerful whereas others prefer to be less, while some tend to be more engaged with others and enjoy interaction, while others prefer to keep their distance.

We term these respective classifications as dominant and submissive and cooperative and antagonistic. Unlike most other psychological assessments, our program recognizes that all of these patterns have beneficial functionality. Moreover, the strongest team builds upon the skills of each individual's pattern, creating a unified initiative that represents the skill-set of the collective.

The Conflict Analysis Battery has developed a highly functional program for facilitating leadership development which has been implemented for the training of educators, corporate leadership, clergy, and public officials. Please contact us directly to review the appropriate training for your team.

Clinical Intervention

Classically psychoanalysis aspired to make the client conscious of the unconscious by free expression or by identifying the transference relationship between the client and the therapist. While these methods may be worthwhile, the amount of time and cost necessary to achieve results presents an insurmountable obstacle.