Creativity Tasks

Creativity Tasks
Integrative art therapy

Blending art therapy and narrative techniques, the Conflict Analysis Battery prompts test takers to create art, identify relational distinctions, initiate a dialogue, to evolve a story to its resolution, identifying in it one’s personal emotional pattern. Test takers complete several such tasks, each corresponding to one of the six emotions of the conflict resolution process. This information is automatically piped to a template that associates the drawings and the parallel questions of each story along the six-role syndrome. The computer then delivers a report organizing the information. Through this process, test takers identify their patterns. They develop both insights and direction for changes. Discussion explores a test taker accepting responsibility for the pattern, its repetition, and becoming willing to work on making changes.

While art therapy and narrative therapy have proven therapeutically useful, the Conflict Analysis Battery moves beyond the traditional therapist interpreting patterns. The assessment automates the generation of insights and the therapeutic processing of the information. 

Client Examples

Output from assessment's creativity tasks
“My metaphors, Myself”; Created by the CAB’s author, Dr. Albert Levis
Example of client-provided creativity tasks
Example of client-provided creativity tasks
Example of client-provided creativity tasks

Relational Modalities

Relational modalities are a classification system for conceptualizing how we relate interpersonally, but also how process information internally.