Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Analysis of the Experience

I learned a great deal about myself. Sketching out the ideas helped me put a picture to my thoughts and feelings. When I looked at the pictures I was able to articulate feelings I didn’t even realize I had. I feel like I was able to see how I truly am. This was great because it allowed me to see areas I can improve in. Like a cat, I am a solitary animal. I shy away from people and am self-absorbed. I now realize that I can have a more fulfilling life

I think it’s rare to reflect on your left. It allowed me to analyze my experience and trust in my decision making process. This was an amazing experience. I will be using what I learned here in the future.

It opens up my mind and lays my life out for me in a path that I can see and understand. I now know the importance of steps that I went through in my life. All are important and are steps for me to complete my life and have a proper path. Without writing it down, it is all a jumbled mess. I am glad to participate in this project. it helps me with my healing process. 

I realize as I read through everything I wrote that I have a serious issue with trust. I have been so afraid to trust people that I do not tell them how I really feel and this has hurt me. I have mentioned conflict and trust in my previous relationships so many times that I realize I have put up a wall and that only I can take it down and free myself from the restrictions I have placed on revealing my true feelings to people. I need to not be so afraid to be myself completely. it has taken a long time to go through this process (nearly 9 hours!) but it has been insightful. 

It was nice to really pinpoint where my character flaws were and come up with a plan to fix them. 

This was a really fascinating learning exercise. I’ve not often thought about aspects of my personality in the context of my entire life, or with how I handle conflict. 

I feel like I’ve learned some new things about myself, and had the chance to look at myself in a new way.

I thought this experience was very unique. I am surprised I was able to learn so much about myself that I didn’t realize. it was kind of like digital meditation. 

This was a wonderful take on the way I think about things. I am very thankful for the opportunity because it has shined a new light on what I’m willing to say and do in order to make things more enjoyable for me in life … Thank You. 

This helped get a lot of feelings out. 

I think this was a fun way to force myself to look inwards, both implicitly and explicitly, to learn about my inner workings and motivations in life. 

There was a recurring theme throughout my life that became more apparent as the study progressed. I knew a lot of these things already, but some of my drawings really surprised me when I was asked to talk more in depth about them. 

It is impressive how things from difference exercises came together to form a coherent statement about the way I handle myself and other people. however the farther I went, the more it made sense and gave me an interesting insight into my own head. 

I am saddened. I see a lonely person who’s shut herself out. 

I have been given an insight into my character that I had not realized before. 

It opened my eyes to seeing how I react to certain things and situations. 

This has helped me to change the way I think and to let go of old news and to better myself for the future. I think it was a great way to explore yourself. 

This was a great learning exercise. it was very thorough and covers a lot of ground. I love that in the end I can see my scores and how everything came together and was related in the end. very interesting indeed. 

I realize I live my life for others, not myself and how I don’t think I am as important as other people. 

Client Insights

Insights generated by completing the Conflict Analysis Battery

The Conflict Analysis Battery is Didactic

  1. The Conflict Analysis Battery was informative about the concept of theThese statements have been provided by online assessment and in-person workshop participants:

unconscious as a conflict resolving entity. Agree: 91%

  1. The Conflict Analysis Battery provided clear information about relational modalities as wellness categories. Agree: 77%
  2. I felt the Conflict Analysis Battery helped me gain understanding about the nature of the unconscious as an orderly conflict resolution mechanism. Agree: 87%

The Conflict Analysis Battery is Diagnostic

  1. The program was diagnostic. It helped me to identify my relational pattern. Agree: 86%
  2. Identifying my relational pattern helped me to better understand myself. Agree: 87%
  3. The Conflict Analysis Battery helped me understand the conflict resolution process as a sequence of six emotions: stress, response, anxiety, defense, reversal and compromise. Agree: 76%
  4. This program helped me to identify changes to improve my relational adjustment. Agree: 83%
  5. I found that the six-role template, combining images and text, integrated fragments of my life into a meaningful conflict resolution pattern. Agree: 75%

The Conflict Analysis Battery is Therapeutic

  1. Completing the creativity component was an emotional experience. Agree: 83%
  2. I identified with one or both of the characters in the narrative stories that I created. Agree: 96%
  3. This program offered me new information about myself. Agree: 79%
  4. I was surprised by the personal relevance of the creativity component. Agree: 70%
  5. The creativity component was therapeutic; the metaphors helped me to better understand myself and to also think of making changes. Agree: 70%
  6. I was surprised by how much insight I gathered. Agree: 80%

How are these results achieved?

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