Innovations in Assessment

Conflict Analysis Battery's Innovations in Assessment Technology

The CAB represents a conceptual and technological breakthrough in the assessment field. The CAB represents a new way of collecting, organizing, and interpreting assessment information. The information is generated by the test taker and is delivered directly to the test taker. The test taker generates the art and its interpretation leading to insights and changes without requiring professional services. The battery is a self-assessment. The assessment is a self-empowering exercise of creativity.

The CAB is a theory based self-assessment while other tests are atheoretical. The Formal Theory defines the unconscious as a conflict resolving mechanism. The CAB measures the dimensions of the unconscious as a natural science conflict resolving psychodynamic utility.

The CAB combines a personality inventory identifying one's relational modality, with a set of creativity based projectives reconstructing the syndromal nature of the thought process. The two types of testing cross-validate each other. Traditional assessments are either inventories or projectives.

The CAB is available online and as a workbook. 

The online version provides a report delivered directly to the test taker without requiring professional services.

The experience is didactic, diagnostic and therapeutic. It represents a concise program of emotional education.

The tests are valid and reliable. They may be repeated to enhance progress and to monitor therapy outcome.

The assessment is cost-effective. 

Innovations in the Conflict Analysis Battery

Learn how the CAB demonstrates conceptual and technological breakthroughs in the assessment field