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Innovations in psychology

This is not your ordinary psychological assessment. Assessments are based on arbitrary criteria, multiple distinctions on the nature of the unconscious. i.e. Myers Briggs TI makes the following four dichotomies: Introvert extrovert, sensing judging, etc. informing the test taker about a list of traits, which are not actionable insights. The CAB, in contrast, is based on the scientific analysis of the unconscious. It identifies if you are submissive or dominant, cooperative or antagonistic, alienated or respectful. In a few hours you become conscious of the scientific parameters of your unconscious and you may begin to understand your wellness diagnosis and identify by yourself how to optimize power management choices.

Understanding the unconscious as a conflict resolving mechanism represents a double scientific breakthrough revamping psychology but also integrating it with morality by understanding religions as alternative types of conflict resolution. While the CAB is a technology to access personal insights, Moral Monopoly is another technology based on the formal analysis of stories educating the public about the evolution of religions as normative institutions that are reconciled and integrated as complementary discoveries of the unifying Moral Science.

CAB leading to Self-knowledge and playing the Moral Monopoly as cultural knowledge are two safe technologies available for delivery in the classroom, in the hospital, in executive training, jails, addiction recovery facilities, educating people in understanding themselves and cultures. The concepts and technologies integrating psychology and morality into an exact science provide educators with capacity to attain the three elusive  objectives of education: the integration of the humanities and the sciences, self-knowledge, and clarity of moral values. This education can make the classroom safe and meaningful.

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The Conflict Analysis Battery (CAB) represents a conceptual and technological breakthrough in the assessment field. The CAB demonstrates innovations in psychotherapy in new ways of collecting, organizing, and interpreting assessment information.

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I was amazed at how correct the workbook really was about me. After doing the workbooks several times... I have been able to reflect on myself in a positive way. I see my conflict, my compromises, my defense mechanism, but I also see few resolutions. I know now what I need to do to make more resolutions and how to keep myself out of trouble. What came out of these drawings was something I already knew intellectually but had not necessarily felt through other therapist I have tried. During the course of this workbook, I progressed from feeling fractured and stressed, having no particular insights as to why, to identifying conflictual patterns towards resolution.

Patient - Personal development Personality: Submissive
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Albert Levis, M.D., the curator of the Museum and the founder of the Center for the Study of Normative Behavior and The Moral Science Project, has published several books about the creative process and the role of creativity as a tool to self-understanding.

Case Studies

People respond to challenges in different way. Some people are more comfortable as leaders, some are more comfortable being supportive. Relational modalites are a classification system for conceptualizing how we relate interpersonally, but also how process information internally.

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